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                BlueRock Entertainment.Pvt.Ltd is specializing in Post-Production established in 2014 based in bangalore. India leading visual effects Studio Standing out in the digital visual effects in multiple areas: Advertising, Feature Film, TV, Music, Video In recent years BRE gaining a reputation for their visual effects work on Hollywood films, in what is proving to be an ever increasingly competitive World.  We are creative VFX Studio facility with a range of Services. BRE is a one stop solution for all your Post-production.

                                            Our production pipeline and the latest hardware and software technology, anything is possible at BRE specializes in highly complex visual effects and is your performance partner in terms of post-production. Our accomplishment not only result in Post-Production work for our clients but also provide a sense of security in that your projects handled by the best digital post-production service in the industry.


              We offer a variety of services, ranging from Rotoscopy, Paint/prep, Matchmove, Mo-cape, Rotanimation, Stereo Rotoscopy, Stereo Matchmove for television, film and advertising.

Our Mission


                                   Blue Rock Focalize on satisfying the needs of our customers by delivering unique and highly effective solutions produced through the skills of a carefully selected team of talented artists, each with a unique profile and contribution. Frequently deliver the highest quality visual effects. Exceed our customers expectations through personal commitment to exceptional service and follow-up Provide an environment that enables our team to amplify and realize its artistic vision Embrace and draw on the richness of assortment that different nationalities, cultures and ideas bring to our team




                   Security is of the utmost importance in the Vfx industry, and BlueRock  is committed to offering services that are keep under systematic review, upgraded, and tested against today's security threats. As per MPAA we follow guidelines to prevent security threats BlueRock utilizes as per industry-standard firewall protection, encryption for all physically or digitally assets.


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Bangalore, India


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                                                                                                               BlueRock Entertainment.Pvt.Ltd is a Post-Production house established in 2014 Based in Bangalore, India leading visual effects Studio for Television, Feature Film and Advertisement industries.

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